Truecopy Credentials launches products for Form 16 issuance and for Signing Invoices from Tally.

Pune, Maharashtra – April 15, 2019. Truecopy Credentials Pvt Ltd, a company specializing in digital signature solutions announced the launch of its Form 16 Signer that enables bulk-signing & issuance of employee Form 16 as well as companion Traces documents. It also announced the launch of its TRUESigner software that integrates into Tally for signing Invoices and Credit Notes.

“Truecopy has emerged as the vendor of preference for hundreds of enterprise users who need to digitally sign documents. With these new specialized products, we want to bring integrated Digital Signing to niche user-groups and use-cases. These products will bring greater productivity, and document security in addition to a wide range of additional functionality” said Sonia Soman, CEO of Truecopy Credentials.

 “It takes only a few minutes to get started with our Form 16 Product or our Tally plug-in. Simply download, install and configure your preferences. You can either sign one file at a time or process thousands of documents in bulk”, she added.

Truecopy’s solutions are widely used to minimize costs associated with printing, mailing, archival and retrieval of paper documents. Applications of digital signatures include invoices, bills, contracts, purchase orders, employee letters, and other HR and Financial documents. Signing GST as well as non-GST invoices, credit notes are a major application area. A number of large organizations only accept electronic Digitally Signed invoices from vendors. This makes it imperative for users of systems such as Tally to include signing capability into their accounting software.

The company sees digital signatures playing an important role in the elimination of paper documentation and adoption of environmentally friendly practices in the future. As India moves towards a paperless world, digital signatures would form a cornerstone of that movement.

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